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"French or Foe" by Polly Platt

This book was offered as a gift from my French father-n-law. What was he trying to tell me? Polly Platt is an American woman married to a Frenchman in the upper echelons of society, so her view of France (or more specifically Paris) is somewhat skewed towards a specific frame of reference. What I liked most about this book was that she interviewed many American "transplants" and quotes them throughout.

A Year in Provence

A Year in Provence

A Year in Provence (Vintage Departures)

by Peter Mayle (Vintage Departures)

They had been there often as tourists. They had cherished the dream of someday living all year under the Provencal sun. And suddenly it happened. Here is the month-by-month account of the charms and frustrations that Peter Mayle and his wife -- and their two large dogs -- experience their first year in the remote country of the Luberon restoring a two-centuries-old stone farmhouse that they bought on sight. From coping in January with the first mistral, which comes howling down from the Rhone Valley and wreaks havoc with the pipes, to dealing as the months go by with the disarming promises and procrastination of the local masons and plumbers, Peter Mayle delights us with his strategies for survival. Understand French Culture with Books

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