French Speaking TV & Radio Entertainment Channels

French television and radio broadcast over the web The following list is an excellent source for French television and radio programs broadcast over the web. Listening to them is an excellent way to learn French or simply enjoy music, culture and entertainment.

Where possible, the Live French culture, music, events icon sends you directly to the broadcast.  For news feeds see: French speaking TV & Radio News channels

  Station Type Description
  NT1 tv Movies, children's programs, current events and documentaries.
  Direct8 tv News, culture and events.
Europe 1: live French radio Europe 1 radio Events, culture and discussion.


Radio France:

  Station Type Description
France Inter: live French radio France Inter: radio News, events and culture.
  France Bleu radio Regional programs.
France Culture: live French culture radio France Culture radio French culture and current events.
France Musique: live French music radio France Musique radio Music, mainly classical
FIP: live French music radio FIP radio Music, international and French  (off-air 11 p.m. to 7 a.m).
Lemov: live French music radio Lemouv': radio Music, contemporary, and international rock.
France Vivace: live French music radio France Vivace radio Music, classical, traditional and jazz international music with good sound quality.
  Complete list radio Complete list of all Radio France (the French public service network) stations.


RFI (Radio France Internationale) French Public Radio:

  Station Type Description
RFI monde: live French news culture events radio RFI Monde radio News, events and culture.
RFI Afrique: live French news culture events radio with a focus on Africa RFI Afrique: radio News, culture and events with a focus on Africa.
RFI Musique: live French music radio RFI Musique radio Music
  RFI Learn French radio Site for learning the French Language.


Music channels:

  Station Type Description
Nostalgie: live international classics French radio Nostalgie radio French and English 'Oldies'
NRJ: live French hits radio NRJ: radio Top hits
Rire et Chansons: rock and jokes radio Rire et Chansons radio Rock music and jokes.
Ici et Maintenant : 24/7 live French radio Ici et Maintenant radio One of the first pirate FM radio in Paris. Interactive dialogue with callers.
Skyrock: live French hits radio Skyrock radio Top hits
Cybertika Musique: live French music TV Cybertika tv Urban music (Reggae, Dancehall, Rap R&B, Zouk, etc.), shorts and culture. 
Ouepa TV: live French music TV Ouepa tv Urban music (hip-hop, dancehall, rnb, rap, zouk).
Sunvibz TV: live French music TV Sunvibz tv Urban music (hip-hop, rnb, zouk, dancehall, house).


Regional channels:

  Station Type Description
Normandie TV: Normandie region TV Normandie tv Normandy
C9 Television: Lille region TV C9 Television tv Lille
Clermont 1ere: Clermont Ferrand region TV Clermont 1ere tv Clermont Ferrand (not 24/7)
TLM: Lyon region TV TLM tv Lyon (not 24/7)
TELIF: Paris region TV TELIF tv Paris and surrounding region (Ile-de-France).  News, events and shows
Fréquence Paris plurielle: Paris region Radio Fréquence Paris Plurielle radio Small, urban cultural radio channel out of Paris.


Specialty channels:

  Station Type Description
Boardriders TV: Boardriders TV Boardriders tv Channel about board riders.

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