search an english penpal

Hello Sandra,

I search an english penpal to ameliorate my poor english.
I could help you to ameliorate your french language.

I'm in Lyon, France.

bye bye



Hi my name is brittany sorry i only know english but i can teach you some more if you want to know any

Paris visit

Hi Brittany (like Spears?)

I amAmerican-Indian US citizen from os AMgles arriving in Paris on March 1st..any help is appreciated.. I just finished my law school and wanna distress!


bonjour hello

mon nom est manquez Gladys suis 25yr vieux. J'ai vu votre profil
aujourd'hui, et il m'a vraiment acttract beaucoup je crois que vous
sont l'homme, j'ai été à la recherche de partager mon amour; Comment
est votre santé? J'espère que tout va bien avec vous. Je crois que
nous pouvons passer d'ici, mais rappelez-vous que la distance, l'âge et
couleur dose pas d'importance ce qui compte, c'est le vrai amour et
compréhension; dans mon prochain e-mail je inclure mon pictuer;
i été waithing pour votre réponse, envoyez-moi à ce mail addressand
intersest en a pris, si vous n'avez pas l'esprit comme je vais vous connaître
mieux, même si je suis en ligne à la recherche d'un vrai et l'amour que l'homme
est prêt pour un vrai, honnête et relation d'amour et seront en mesure
de prendre soin de moi si vous êtes l'un des homme veux parler ensuite
envoyez moi un mail sur ma maintenant privé (gladys.m500 @ pour de plus amples
hopeing d'avoir de vos nouvelles le plus tôt possible

my name is miss gladys am 25yr old . I saw your profile
today and it really acttract me alot i believe that you
are the man i have been looking for to share my love; How
is your health? i hope all is well with you. I believe that
we can move from here ; but remember that distance;age and
colour dose not matter what matters is the true love and
understanding; in my next e-mail i shall include my pictuer;
i been waithing for your reply mail me with this mail addressand
took intersest in it,if you don't mind i will like to know you
better,although i came online to look for a true and loving man that
is ready for a true,honest and loving relationship and will be able
to take good care of me if you are the one of man am talking about then
send me a mail now on my private ( for further
hopeing to hear from you soonest


my name is jules.i am togolaise citizen.i can help in french,you will help me in phone numberb is 00228 92113070.i can send u in sms.i live in togo


Jules i am ready to help you better your English,then you will also help me better my French. i will hook up with you soon. Take care.

I need a friend to speak french with

I need a friend i can speak English with and that can teach me French .
+234 8023813703..i live in Nigeria.


How are you ? I guess you are fine and living good. my name is christphen a beautiful young girl I find you and i'm interesting to know you and establish a serious relationship with you. I wanna be your friend for first friendship cannot be seen or even be touched, it must be felt within the heart.Hoping you feel just the way i do. Wow! friends are like clothes without them you feel naked!I guess am right.I will tell you more about me, my family and all that maybe necessary in this relationship, If this is okay by you feel free to contact me as to enable us get to know each other better. Have a wonderful day with lot of happiness.

best regards


how are you i will come to paris 24 march and wanna girl to be with me in this period
24 to 29
thank u

HI! I'm a french sixteen

HI! I'm a french sixteen yeard old girl and i'm looking for a english penpal.
My dream is to live in GB or in USA. I think i speak quite good but I would like to be perfect.
For the moment i'm in high school but, after my exams, i'll study international and particulary english right. Can u teach me more about english language or do u know someone who can help me? I would like (really) to have a english friend.
See you I hope.

I want to be your friend

I am Samuel, 16yrs old and i speak english and a little french. I can Help you with your english hope you can help me with my french too. My e-mail is


write me and I'll teach you english language and we can talk too.

i m french and i need to improve my english

hi,it would be friendly now to get a partner for speaking, writing , practising and improving my english skills.
I hope that it will be possible to communicate. gather To exchange, I could help you on French.
I looking forward to begin with a foreign partner.
We ll be able to communicate by email and on software like skype or ovoo
to talk too
See u

Hey :)I speak fluent

Hey :)
I speak fluent english
and im looking for help in french

looking a native french speaker

Hi I saw your post comment and was very interested to help you with the English language. Also,you could help me with my French. My name is Grant and I live in Colorado I am currently 15 years old.Plus, I can skype and email. Hope to talk to later.

My email:

english practice

Hi joce, i'm an english speaker looking to improve my french and I will gladly help with english as well. If anyone speaks french and would like to improve their english skills please add me on skype with my email or skype username joshuajs02. Be nice to hear from people!

Je m'interesse beaucoup a

Je m'interesse beaucoup a vous et je veux que vous soyez mon amie . je suis ghaneen et je parle francais et anglais. je peux vous aidez a parler anglais.Merci et a bientot

Hi I woild like to perfect my french and help you with english

J'aime la langue francaise et je peux aidez vous avec votre anglais.
A bientot,
Pasang Sherpa

Hi everyone

Bonjour, hello
Im 25years old guy from india. Im interested to get a french friend to improve my french. Now im learning in Alliance francaise. currently im learning in Alliance francaise. If any french friend can help plz. My email id Plz help me anybody.


I want to commmunicate in french to improve my french knowledge

It would be pleasure if communication will help me out to improve my french.

Your Highness

I am a very simple and easy going person.I am fluent in english and also need someone caring and very understanding to help me speak french


hi, i lyk 2 be ur frnd. Write me a lettr. Im 4m sri lanka. I knw frnch. I cn teach u it. My mail address is 'samadara' , medagoda, kamburugamuwa, sri lanka. Write me a letter. Bye. Wait fr u.

hey i seen that you are

hey i seen that you are looking for a english friend to talk to. well i am here when you need me to talk to.

French speaking penpal

I am studying French at Catho in Lille, France. I wish to get a French speaking penpal with whom we can share alot as far as French is concerned. I speak English but my interest now is French. I hope also to lern French culture and traditions for I believe that all these are imbeded in the language of the people. Thanks.

hi this is justin living in

hi this is justin living in indiana in USA.iam seveenteen.i like french girls and respect towars french language.i have learnt french language a little i want to chat with french girls to improve my french.

your announce

Hey,Samuel, i'm Joce it would be friendly now to get a partner for speaking, writing , practising and improving my english skills.
I hope that it will be possible to communicate. gather To exchange, I could help you on French.
I looking forward to begin with a foreign partner.
We ll be able to communicate by email and on software like skype or ovoo
See u very soon


hi Marie i am a 21 year old American and I'm seeking a french pen pal. i have a little sister that's your age and we will be coming to Paris very soon. currently I'm learning 3 different languages, french is included. i need someone who can help me with the public transportation system and to break down the culture. as someone who lives in America, i know we often get things wrong so i would like my teachings to come from someone who's actually on the inside and not someone who's on the out looking in.
talk to you soon hopefully.




my name is Christine and I would like to discuss in english

let me know

take care


Hi Christine,I would also

Hi Christine,

I would also love to chat in English.

my skype id : niceguyhere2000

am intrested

hi i saw ur profile is interestin to get to know you.Am a nigerian adn speak french and english fluently.i will like to get to know you better so we can learn from each other in one way or the can also call if you so wish +234-8066135151

Hi, i'm an Australian sixteen

Hi! I am an Aussie sixteen year old high school student who is looking for a French pen pal to learn culture from.
I like to think that I have very good English skills as I won an English award at school. I love writing and have a bunch of other hobbies, and I'd love to have a french pen pal to talk to :)


Hey! I'm Marine andI'm a 16

I'm Marine andI'm a 16 French girl.
I would like to have an Australian pen pal!
So if you're interested, contact me!

I'm interested!!

Hey Marine!Your in luck! I am a boy of 14 years old living in Perth Australia and looking for a pen pal that can hep me with French as well as be my friend.

My e-mail address is

Waiting for your reply

If your interested please send me an e-mail



ich heiße sofia,bin 14 Jahre alt und komme aus deutschland und suche eine französische Brieffreundin oder eine englische.Da ich nicht gerade gut bin in französisch,hoffe ich dadurch besser zu werden und könnte dir bei deinem detsch helfen wenn du möchtest(und du überhaupt hilfe brauchst)es würde mich sehr freuen:-)


looking for french paypal

Hi Marie !
Im loooking for french paypal, and youre looking for english one, right ??? :)
Hope we will get to talk to each other and learn some more french and English together :)
I am 17 and I am from Poland, but I live in Ireland at the moment since I was 12 so my english is fluent and become prefect :)

I saw your post for an english penpal...

Hello, my name is Devin, and in June I too will be 16. I LOVE the French and the language, so I am currently in French 1. I would be glad to help you with English if you help me with French! I live in Colorado in the USA. (Arvada) Please consider!


id love to be traditional penpals !
im from america & im 17.
im hoping to move to paris soon.

Hello Marie

Helo my name is Kristi, over the past 2 years I have fallen in love with the French culture. I'm want to go to school over there when I get out of high school. During World War 2 my grate grate grate grate grandfather sent his wife and 4 children over from Normandy, America so they would be safe from the war. So I am french and very proud to say so. But I want to learn more about where I come from. So do you want to be my pen pal and I can tell you about America if you tell me about France?

Au revoir
Kristi Rose St.Pierre


Hey....i am turnin sixteen this year and i want to improve my french...sooo i want to become a penpal with you...

Hey Marie ,I'm Demi I come

Hey Marie ,I'm Demi I come from England and my aunties boyfriend had a pen pal and he said to give it a try so this is were I am now. At my school I am learning French and soon when I go to year ten I will have to do a gcse French test or an exam. Were bouts in France do you live? I would love to know what it is like in France my teacher who came from France said that the effil tower is awesome! Have you ever been to the tower ? If you have any questions to ask me feel free my email is hope you reply
From Demi :)

Salut Marie! Je m'appelle

Salut Marie! Je m'appelle George et j'ai vu ton texte. Je peux t'aider a apprendre la langue d'anglais, pendant que je parle en (tous les deux) francais et anglais. J'ai seize ans aussi et je voudrais parler avec quelqu'un comme moi, qui veut ameliorer. George x.

salut George

my name is tanya and i am trying to speak french. i studied french for 7 years but i have no contact so that i can develop and make it better... so this is my msn : and my skype : tanyaboo.21

Need a french friends am

Need a french friends am maureen from 07062510166

French Penpal

I'm currently in the process of learning French at school and would love a French penpal to help me put. I could return the favour by helping out with your English x

Conversations en francais et en anglais

je voudrais parler avec vous ,marie. Je suis americain qui a etudiez francais mais desire parler avec vous. Respondez, svp. je voudrais parler!

I'm an 18 year old english girl

Hey Marie,
I'm from America, and can teach you English. I've really been looking for a French girl to teach me French. could we teach each other?
this is great.

email me at
put French in the subject (i get alot of junk mail)
hope to be friends!

It's the same

You and I have something in common:you want to improve your English,I want to improve my french. If you could be my friend and help me build better French, I could also help you know everything you may want to know in English.

Hi I'm Jensen! I'm a fifteen

Hi I'm Jensen! I'm a fifteen year old girl from the USA so I know a lot about English! I could teach you, I would also love to learn French, but you don't have to teach me. Email me at if you're interested in being pen pals!

languae exchange

Je suis prof de francais aux etats-unis. mes etudiants veulent apprendre le francais e utilisant le skype. Est ce que tu voudrais parler a mes eleves de chicago en englais et francais et ils peuvent essayer de parler en fraancais et aussi en anglais?

envoye-moi un mel si tu veux faire un exchange des langeues.

i will b grateful 2 have it

i will b grateful 2 have it done best
am kenyan
bye bye sosebee


Bonjour Brittany!
Mon nom est Brittany aussi. Je habite une Australie, a sydney.
Je suis 20 ans. Et mon français est terrible, je suis rechercher pour le penpal!!


hello i would like to be your friend and also learn french from you as i also try to teach you enlish


Hello David,
I am Kim from United States. I've study French language.
I love to learn more about the French culture.
I just love love love it!
I hope you can teach me to learn more!
Hope to hear from you.

Learn French

Hi Kim,

I'm a french man who can help you and telle you more about the french culture, from art to cook, habits, and so on...

Don't hesitate if you wanna know more...
I'm living in the North of France, but I've lived in Paris, and in also in Reims (capital of Champagne)

Hope for news



Hello andrea,
I am Kim from United States. I've study French language.
I love to learn more about the French culture.
I just love love love it!
I hope you can teach me to learn more!
Hope to hear from you.


my name is Obed and i am interested to make friend with you.Some friends are remembered because of their smile. Some friends are remembered because of their style. But you are remembered because you are so nice to remember. pls i will like to know more about you. if you can contact me through my email address,I really look forward to reading from you soon. Thanks.

Yours Truly Friends.
Miss Obed

needing someone to improve my french and the culture

hello Olivier! my name is cassietta and i am 21 years of age who is looking for someone french to teach me the culture.i will be coming to Paris the beginning of 2010 and i don't want to have the demeanor of a tourist. i want to know the transportation system, what to look out for to prevent danger, where to have a good time, how to speak the language etc. CAN YOU HELP ME? my email is

hope to hear from you soon!

looking for French friend

Allo, je m'appelle June. I need any information about French culture, language and lifestyle. But I just can speak English. Je parle Francis en peu. Anyone can help? please reply in my personal e-mail. Merci beaucoup...

Best regards,
June (


i am in serious need of some help in the french department!!ok so i decided to take this french course because my mother's side of the family is french..i thought it would be cool..well pretty sure i am not understanding it very well and not doing good in the class so if you could help me with the irregular verbs as well as past tense particles..and a couple other things (lol) i would really appreciate it!my name is brianne by the email in thanks!

Learning French

Hie Olivier

I'm a Zimbabwean doing French at College (Degree Level). I would like you yo help me learn it faster.

hope to hear from you soon


Hi!I'm a sixteen yeard old

I'm a sixteen yeard old girl.
My name is Marie and I'm french.
I saw that u would like to know more things about France.
If I do that, I would lilke u to teach me more things about Great britain, because my dream is to be a real english (i'd like to live there).
I hope u will answer me.
see you.

Helping you with your english

Hello my name is Isaac I'm an English and I'm also learning how to speak accurate and infallible French. Help me in French and I will also help you with the English you are learning. We could also become friends through this. Email me on


Hi there

Would love to connverse in french with you


Hello. I am looking for someone just like you to help me improve my French before I go to university next year. I'm interested in becoming your pen pal.
Let me know what you think
Steph xx

let be friends

hi my brother i saw ur request on the friench and i would like to have as u want somebody as friends in order to help him or her understand french.

Hi, this is Rebecca. I was

Hi, this is Rebecca. I was wondering if you, or anyone who checks this site, and is still around, would like to have a penpal from New York, in America, who knows French and English? Anyone?
Thanks, Bex

be a friend

Hello Reb i just die to be a friend to u,text me back i will be glad

hello there

hi i'm Jonn. i am a man who is a native english speaker. Living in the UK. Would love a pen pal from NY or anyother country:))

i can also speak Romanian, Hindi and a bit of Portuguese

am attempting to try and learn some French:))

am always looking to make new friends:))))

best wishes




Hi steph my name is Brooke and I'm 7 years old but I could help you with your french if you reply @


i am renae. i live in jamaica in the caribbean and i am insearch of a french penpal. i am doin french at school and i need lots of help, if u need help in speaking english i will surely help, my email address is

hi my name is kholz and im

hi my name is kholz

and im looking for a french pen pal to improve my french and to learn more about the french
culture because i want to study there. in turn i can help you with your english because mine is pretty good i think i would be as helpfull to you as you would to me. im from South Africa

hope you reply

search an french penpal

Hi David,

I think we could help each other.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Pls write to me.



I've just learned a new word...
ameliorate = improve


Hi! I'm looking for friend around the world to practise English French and Spanish

Seeking FRENCH paypal

Hi David
I would love to get to know you, and to practise my French :)
if you can write back on my email it woul be fantastic :
Hope we would get a minute to talk :)
and I could help you with your English :)
Thanks a lot !!

need help with french!

hi i am currently trying to find a french pen pal to help me better my french speaking abilities as i am in a french course and struggling!if you feel up to helping my i would appreciate it!my name is Brianne and i am in the United States

French/English practice, practiquer l'anglais


Je suis un diplome de universite aux Etats-Unis. J'etait une etudiante pour trois mois a Lyon et j'adore Lyon! J'ai habité à Ecully, près de Lyon. J'etait une etudiante a ILCF a la Universite Catholique. J'ai oublie beacoup de mon francais et je voudrais practiquer.

Je ne peux pas utilise les accents dans cet email parce que je utilise un clavier american. Mon grammaire est pauvre et j'ai besoin de practiquer. Je peux aider-vous avec votre anglais. Si vous sohaitez envoyer un email, mon adresse electronique est:

Merci. A bientot!

- Sarah


i am from paris, my name is majid. i study english, master in literature;
we can write each others using both french and english
see you
you find my email bellow:


hello i am harry a black boy from Cameroon found central Africa just saw your profile which really got me interested in you can we be friends.


i'm Iranian, i'm looking a frind who is french & help me to improve french language.

PEn PAls

I am for the U.S.A. I know frence and english. I would love to be your pen pal. If you have any friends that want to do it to i have a french class that would love to writw to them. Thanks


Hi am sam. i speak english and can help u improve in yours too. i am learning french so then you could also help me. i am very young but i don`t care about age. i hope you don`t also mind.

Hello Friend


My name is Prince Agyemang Boateng Duah. I will like to have u as my perminat friend in this world. I like u to help me to speak good french. I will also help u in good English.
thank u. I hope to hear from u soon.




Please, i would love for your help thank you :)

English assistant

i speak english and can also help you even as you help me in french. am a ghanaian


Hello, I am Mikayla and I adore France and want to learn more about the country, I can help you with your English and Can you please help me with french language?

Hello, David,I would love to

Hello, David,
I would love to help you learn English if you would be willing to help me with my French. I have family in France but they barely understand me.


Bonjour, Comment allez-vous monsieur? Ca va? Je suis Ghouse qui desire apprendre francais. Je sais un peu francais. Je l'aime beaucoup.

I want to improve my French. So while searching I got your address. Aidez-moi pour apprendre francais s'il vous plait. I can guide you in learning English. Je suis un professeur anglais.

Repondez s'il vous plait.

Au revoir!
Votre ami


Salut beau, je peux parler anglais et français couramment et je serai content si vous souhaitez que je vous aide. je suis de l'Afrique, Ghana.

i want to learn french

okay if you help me get better at speaking or writing french then i will help you do the same in english DEAL?


I am an american and can help you with your english. I am studying french and would appreciate all the practice that I can get. I think french is a beautiful language!


Je ma'appelle Tanya et je parle courramment anglais mais je voudrais pratiquer ma conversation en francaise. Mon skype et: tanya.boo21

to be a friend with

congratulation for having mind to learn english.

to my best friend

i want u to teache me france

Seeking French Penpal, male or female

Salut, je m'appelle Marianne, j'ai 36ans, je viens de Seychelles. Je suis une mere, je voudrais avoir des penpals a Paris, France. je connais tres peux parler et ecrire en francais. je cherche des penpals afin qu'ils peuvent m'aider.


How are you?hope you"re swimming majestically in the ocean of health,it was so pleasant with me to see your profile in this site also justified with the message sent to you.i speak Franch and English what about you?

I'll be in Paris later this month


I am an American man. Single, a young looking 60 years old, retired. I live in California and Utah. Would you like to meet to have lunch or dinner this month? I have been to Paris many times but do not know anyone there.



I'm an American guy looking for French penpals to just talk about anything. I love to make new friends! Sorry, but I can't speak french very well yet... I'll get it eventually!

My email is



I'm French, and although it's been a while i haven't been to the US, i can speak english rather properly :) I am 22, and I'm a business student in France. I really enjoy chatting with Americans so that i don't 'lose' my english, but i can speak French too of course !
Tell me if you're interested

talk to you soon

Response top Floriane

Salut Floriane. I am a Mexican American US citizen and have a degree in Engineering. I studied French when I was in school many years ago for around three years. I have forgotten quite a bit but I am striving to pick it up once again. Luckily in this day and age there are many resources for studying French, particularly through the Internet.

Si vous voulez, nous pourrions écrire dans les deux langues pour nous bénéficier tous les deux. Je serai très content de vous lui corriger vos lettres en anglais mais je peux voir que vous n’avez pas besoin des corrections. J’espère écouter de vous bientôt.



sorry i had not seen the answer! of course i'd love to speak with you, in french, english or spanish, whatever, although my spanish is really poor. pls get back to me if you see this message

Hi dear im an ivorian 27

Hi dear im an ivorian 27 guy(From COTE d'IVOIRE, a west africa french speaking country!) looking for penpal from all over the world.I have got atrade certificate and a man applied master of arts.I'll be very very glad to hearing from you the soonest possibel, so that to start a new and genuine friendship if you want of course.My msn is; see you
And may God bless you and all your family!



Hi my name is steph, I'm 20 years old and I'm an American girl. I am also a business student as well. I'm also looking into getting better at speaking french because, I would love to live in france some day.

i would be delighted!

hi flo! that's a rather peculiar name:) my name is cassietta, i am a 21 yr old american and I've been seeking for someone to teach me the french culture, so i would be delighted if we could touch base.
hope to hear from you soon


hi,u can approach me to

u can approach me to learn the french culture


Hi Floriane,

J'ai 21 ans et un etudiant universite de Chicago. J'aimerais amerliorer le francais et je peux
parler en anglais avec toi.


Bonjour everyone!I'm an

Bonjour everyone!
I'm an American teenager and I am intersted in learning some French. I would be more than happy to help anyone with their English or just chit-chat.

Au Revoir,

I'm looking for an american pengirl

Hello Rosalie,

I am Héléna and I am 14 years old, I look for an american pengirl for speak and improve my english. I'm interesting by USA and I would like to meet anyone to talk about everythings.

See you later, au revoir

looking for a french pen pal

hello Rosalie!
my name is gabrielle (mon nom Gabrielle)
i speak french pretty well, and english is my original language.
i can help you speak english better and you can help me with my french.
i would love to help you.
let me know through email
get back soon
au revoir!

hey!I am 18 and I am from


I am 18 and I am from France. I can help you in French and I need to improve my english =)

help me with my french and

help me with my french and i'll help you with your english :) and we will share friendship :)

I'm a French girl and I'm

I'm a French girl and I'm thinking about studying in US after graduating, maybe you could help me improving my English. I'd love to help you as well.
You can e-mail me on :
Xoxo, Lily


Hey Lily,this is Rebecca from New York. I was always interested in France and the lovely language, but I was wondering if your email was actually, and not

Hey Rosalie, I would love to

Hey Rosalie, I would love to be your American penpal and we can talk about anything you want. I am seventeen years old and i am just looking to improve my french...maybe we can help each other out?

im american too


i looking for friend ship

hi how are u i m gani basically from india i m living france in paris i would like to meet developing our friend ship

ly id
mob 0033 777823416
i waiting ur reply



I'm French, and although it's been a while i haven't been to the US, i can speak english rather properly :) I am 22, and I'm a business student in France. I really enjoy chatting with Americans so that i don't 'lose' my english, but i can speak French too of course ! i'd be happy to help :)
Tell me if you're interested

talk to you soon


Hi. I speak english thats my first language, i dont know any more but i would really like to know about France and the differences between america and France and i'd really like to know whats there cause i'd like to visit someday. I'd like to get information from somebody who actually lives there.
im 15 and im very curious

hopefully i will talk to you

please email me : ]

answer to Brooke

Hey Brooke I'm Lucille and I'm from France. My english is quite well (I think but it's not sure) andI am looking for an english speaker friend so answer me if you want to speak.

hey !I am 18 and I live in

hey !

I am 18 and I live in france. are you always interested ??

it is my always wish to visit

it is my always wish to visit france and also get penfriend overthere

am always interested to

am always interested to admire people like you and learn french and become fluent in french language.


Hey brooke,

I'm from France and i would like to have a penfriend so if you want to speak with me reply =P

i speak english, i'm a

i speak english, i'm a nigerian and i need a french friend. i'm in paris. Wanna be my friend?

i can help

salut rosalie!
i can speak french pretty well and can help you with your french,
my original language is english, but french is like a second language
for me.
let me know through email

looking for french pen pal :D

bonjour everyone!
mon nom is Gabrielle.
and i am looking for a french pen pal. to improve my french and maybe i can help you
with your english. let me know :D

looking for an english speaking penpals


I'm yves, 24 years old. I'm from France, Paris. I'm student in finance. I'm looking for some help to improve my english. Indeed next year i will apply for a job in a foreign country, so i have to improve my english. I could help you improving your french in exchange.

Thank you





Hi i am american and i would really want to talk to somebody from france and tell me what they do and how it is over there. Someday i will visit and i want to to know what i am visiting.

If anyone is interested just email me : ]

thank you


i don't know if you've seen my post, but i was seeking a penpal too!
i'm French, and i live in Paris, but of course i know lots of places in France too. If you want to learn to speak a better French and know how it is over here, then email me, i'll just get back to you .
talk to you soon



Cher, Je me nomme Aichat Malik , J'ai 22ans de la nationalité Ivoirienne. J'aime la lecture, nature, jardin, cinema, opera et autre . J'aimerai rencontre un homme calme , gentil, honnete . Si vous etes sure d'avoir ces qualité , Veuillez me contacter .
Dans l'attente de vous lire,Mlle Aichat.

happy to meet u

Greetings to you and how is life generally, with hope
that this email will find you in good emotional
condition Knowing fully well that race,
religion and nationality can give no hindrance to
friendship or penpal relation as it one of the best
ways to exchange ideas with people in different
countries. l decided to have you as my pal and would
like to be extended up to deep and lasting
relationship.l am a single lady, working with the GLOBAL YOUTH WELFARE & CHRISTIAN COALITION OF AMERICA USAl really consider
friendship or courtship as serious thing, open in
everything, be honest, and above all faithfulness to
each other.I will brief you more about myseif. by the
special grace of God l will visit Africa for the first
time by December 2008, this year. l am one of the
organising committe of the youth combine conference
taking place in the US on the , 22nd to 24th December,2008. and also holding in Africa from 27th to 30th of December, 2008.
I wish if we can both meet in the trip,I will
like to hear from you soonest.mail me at,
Janet BillyGrahamUSA


Hi a student an Alliance and would like to perfect my French.Pliz write me if you are interested!


hellooo, I'm Christopher, and well I'm kind of looking for a french pen pal, like, in Paris would be nice, I love in Sweden but I grew up in London so... :) :D

Hi floriane~

I am Nicole living in Hong Kong. I am learning French and would like to prefect my french. Pls write to me~
I look forward to hearing from you.


Looking for a French penpal


I am from San Diego, I am looking for a french penpal (someone who is actually in France)that I can practice my french with and learn about french culture. I am college student and my major is French. I want to move to Paris when I graduate.


Hey Jen, your message is a

Hey Jen, your message is a bit old, so perhaps you already got some answers, but i would be please to exchange mails with you : .

French pal

Hi !

Are you still looking for someone to teach you french?

I'm a 19 year-old guy and I'm french.

Send me an Email if you're interested ;)

college student wanting to learn more french


My name is Chas,from the US, and I finally completed my first year of college. I'm looking for a penpal that speaks french, and is able to teach me a little. I speak only a little French. If you intrested send me a email.

You still on here???

I need someone to not only teach me but someone who can be a pen pal as well...

Hey Jen!I would love to

Hey Jen!
I would love to speak with you about France!
I live in Paris, and I'm 16.
I'm thinking about studying in an american university so maybe you could help me improving my english as well.
What do you think about it ?

You can send me an e-mail :


Hello Jen !

Hi Jen !!

I know it's been a long time since since you have posted it, but are you still interested in having a french pen friend ?? If you are, my name is Grégoire, I'm (only?) 18, and live in Lille, Nothern France. I would really like to write with you (, we can also talk more directly through Skype (where my name is (Gregilol) !

Thank you for your attention and see you soon !

i can teach you English

i can teach you English

je cherche un(e) ami(e) français(e)

Je m'appelle Amy et j'apprends le français à l'université mais j'ai vraiment besoin de le pratiquer avec des gens français. Quelqu'un voudrait me parler un peu? Je peux vous aider avec l'anglais si vous voulez.
Merci à tous.

Parlons français ...

Salut Amy,

Je suis Français et suis prêt, si tu le souhaites, à échanger en français.
Tu t'exprimes plutôt bien et sans trop de fautes ;) de quel pays écris-tu?
A bientôt

Hello, I agree to learn you

Hello, I agree to learn you to speak French, or to discuss with you, I am a girl and I am 15 years old xDDD, leave your msn so that I add to you bizou

I can help you for sure

E-mail me if you're still looking for someone. On the other hand, you could help me to improve my english skills.

have a great day!

I am a male from from Asia,

I am a male from from Asia, living and working in the Middle East, Hobbies travelling and getting to know people and culture in European countries.Looking for a friend in France male/female, very interested to know French culture and visit for familiarizations.