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This online translator offered by AltaVista has been around since the early days of the web.

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Excellent dictionary with translations:

This online French language tool offers 5 functions in one:
- French definition of a French word
- French synonym of a French word
- French conjugation of a French verbs

- French to English translation
- English to French translation
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Don't Forget Your French Dictionary!

The summer after I graduated from college I had the opportunity to travel to France with a few close friends. A group of five of us left for France on the cheapest flight we could find the morning following graduation. We had plans to stay for the entire summer just to see what unfolded. None of us had jobs lined up or anything to rush back to, so we took things in stride, determined to have the adventure of a lifetime. We learned quickly, however, that forgetting a French dictionary was not the best way to start a great summer!

Ironically, we talked briefly about what we should each bring on our journey to France, and I even remember hearing one of the girls mention that we would do well to remember a French dictionary since none of us spoke a word of French. I thought that advice was wise, but I never thought to bring it myself. I was convinced that one of the more organized and responsible ladies would surely remember to bring such a valuable tool for our survival. 

French Language Courses

Learn French language French in Action ~ French in Action Website

You may have already seen this program on PBS stations across the nation. French in Action is a DVD, audio cassette and workbook series developed by Pierre Capretz of Yale University. It focuses on the "immersion" method, forfeiting English translations in favor of learning the language through observation. The series shows you ‘real’ French people in typical settings speaking and interacting. I found the course to be fun, entertaining and surprisingly effective. Although

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