Learn To Speak French

French: The Complete Language Course (Learn in Your Car)

French: The Complete Language Course

French: The Complete Language Course (Learn in Your Car)

by Henry N. Raymond

Now in an updated and expanded edition for the 21st century, Learn in Your Car® teaches listeners pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar of a new language without the need of a textbook. Convenient to use while driving, working out... or anywhere! New material includes a variety of internet and technology terms and phrases, with an additional 30 minutes of material in each level, for 90 minutes more instruction in the Complete set. Includes zippered CD wallet carrying case, plus a Fall 2005 special: A DVD travel guide! Learn to Speak French

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SmartFrench CD-ROM

SmartFrench CD-ROM 1

SmartFrench CD-ROM 1

by SmartFrench

To learn a language one has to develop speaking skills as well as understanding skills. What to do first is a matter of choice. To learn a few sentences to get by is good but to understand what's coming back to you is also important. This program will develop your listening skills, which will raise your confidence to speak and say the basic sentences you will learn somewhere else, not properly but naturally. For better progress, this process should be done simultaneously and the sooner you improve your understanding the better, right at the beginner level. Some people think that developing understanding skills should be a part of the beginner level training and some don't. For those who think it is, we have designed a beginner level. A beginner is naturally not expected to be able to understand dialogs at real speed right away, but with a little patience, you will soon feel more and more confident about your ability to "talk" French just by learning how to recognize the "rhythm" of the language and its predictable patterns. Learn to Speak French

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