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Updated: 18 hours 58 min ago

The Papers: 'End of the diesel and petrol car'

19 hours 17 min ago
News that sales of new diesel and petrol cars and vans will be banned from 2040 dominates the front pages.
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US moves one step closer to imposing fresh Russia sanctions

Tue, 2017-07-25 21:02
The legislation will sharply limit the president's ability to ease Russia sanctions in the future.
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Cardinal Pell will plead not guilty, his lawyer confirms

Tue, 2017-07-25 19:57
The Vatican treasurer denies all accusations of sexual assault against him, a court hears.
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Grenfell Tower: Council knew of emergency access fears

Tue, 2017-07-25 19:30
It was warned in 2010 that building a new school at the tower's base could block emergency vehicles.
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Brexit: Johnson, Davis and Fox push agenda on three continents

Tue, 2017-07-25 19:24
Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis will set out the UK's agenda in Australia, Mexico and Germany.
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Obamacare: US senators vote in favour of debating repeal

Tue, 2017-07-25 19:20
Efforts to repeal and replace the flagship health policy of President Obama pass their first hurdle.
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US Navy fires warning shots at Iranian ship

Tue, 2017-07-25 19:13
The US Navy releases footage of a patrol ship firing warning shots at an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps boat on Tuesday.
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Cities in England's north pressing for more money

Tue, 2017-07-25 19:04
Councils say they are concerned ministers have become less committed to the Northern Powerhouse.
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Charlie Gard: Judge to decide where baby's life will end

Tue, 2017-07-25 18:48
Baby's parents want him allowed home, but hospital bosses say a hospice would be a better place.
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Jodie Whittaker on her other doctor role in Trust Me

Tue, 2017-07-25 18:08
Jodie Whittaker stars in Trust Me as a nurse who pretends to be an doctor working in A&E.
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Lana Del Rey: 'I got jolted into the real world'

Tue, 2017-07-25 18:05
The star explains how 'being bombarded by news' made her latest album more political.
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'Chess makes me feel less angry'

Tue, 2017-07-25 18:03
Children from Sacred Heart school say the game helps them feel less angry and more prepared for lessons.
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Gay and persecuted: One man's tragic story

Tue, 2017-07-25 17:56
Jailed for being homosexual, Keith Biddlecombe talks about how it changed his life
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Cerebral palsy football: My disabled son deserves to play

Tue, 2017-07-25 17:54
Jude is nine years old and was born with cerebral palsy. His father started a football club in Stoke-on-Trent so Jude could play with kids like him.
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IS wives: Why I joined the 'caliphate' in Raqqa

Tue, 2017-07-25 17:13
The BBC's Shaimaa Khalil speaks to wives of IS fighters, now held by Kurdish-led forces near Raqqa.
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New diesel and petrol vehicles to be banned from 2040 in UK

Tue, 2017-07-25 16:52
Ministers will also unveil a £255m fund to help councils introduce steps to deal with vehicle pollution.
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On a mission to Mars (with Hawaii stopover)

Tue, 2017-07-25 16:34
Researchers living near the active Hawaiian Volcano Mauna Loa are simulating what it's like to "live" on Mars.
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Ghana's dancing pallbearers bring funeral joy

Tue, 2017-07-25 16:33
Pallbearers are lifting the mood in Ghana with flamboyant coffin-carrying displays.
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Letter from Africa: Freed Boko Haram 'wives' return to captors

Tue, 2017-07-25 16:25
In our series of letters from African journalists, Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani considers why women abducted by Boko Haram and then released would choose to return to their captors.
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What makes this Kate Spade bag unusual?

Tue, 2017-07-25 16:09
Why a high-end fashion brand chose a land-locked country in Africa to make some of its handbags.
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