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Women's Clothing Size Conversions (USA, France & UK)

Paris shopping: Women's Clothing Size Conversions

Shopping in large French department stores like the Galeries Lafayette in Paris can be a heady experience.  What woman wouldn't want to spend at least one afternoon trying on the latest fashions?  To make the experience even more enjoyable (and less mysterious!) we offer the following conversion charts for women's sizes in the USA, the UK and France.  Please visit again soon for a future article on menswear.

Men's Clothing Size Conversions (USA, France & UK)

Basic Apparel

Unlike women's sizes, men's sizes are far more consistent because they reflect the actual dimensions of various body parts in inches or centimeters. For instance, the first number in men's shirt sizes is always the circumference of the neck, with the second number being the length of the sleeve.  In pants, the first number is the dimension Paris shopping: Men's Clothing Size Conversions of the waist,  with the second number being the length of the inseam.  Men's coats are measured according to chest size, measuring under the arms.  As long as you know the exact measurements of the person you are outfitting, it is difficult to go wrong in men's sizes, however, as always be sure to try things on when possible.  We offer the following charts as basic guidelines only.

Men's Dress Shirts

USA UK France
14 14 36
14½ 14½ 37
15 15 38
15½ 15½ 39
16 16 41
16½ 16½ 42
17 17 43

Why Train is Ideal for visiting France and Europe

Rails is ideal to explore France or Europe

No airport stress
Imagine not having to arrive 2-3 hours early, wait in long cues, go through the check-in procedure and the security checks, take off your shoes and empty all your liquids and gels, not to mention other embarrassing personal belongings into a box? No unpacking your things, random searches, turbulence etc?

What's more, when waiting to board, you attempt the breathing exercises you've been told will help you combat your fear of flying. But it's no use. You're still filled with terror. Eventually, when you do take off, your pulse races, your palms are sweaty, you need to pee because you're nervous but you can't because the stewards' trolley is blocking the aisle. Finally, your big chance… the trolley's gone, but no, you hear a 'ding' followed by an irritating voice announcing you're about to land. So you sit down, shut up and strap on your safety belt. (Why, you wonder as you grit your teeth, doesn't that thing you're sitting on come with a discreet potty?)

Holiday Homes in France: Gîtes de France

France accommodations: Gites de FranceFrance offers a wide variety of accommodations for tourists. Most people are familiar with hotels and bed and breakfasts, but there is a third option; the "gîte"!

gîte: noun [zheet] (plural gites): a vacation accommodation in France.  A country cottage or small house in France offering fairly simple accommodations that can be rented for a vacation. Late 18th century French: gîte "stopping place"

Although gîtes are sometimes called 'holiday homes' they actually come in many sizes and are often located in unusual and interesting places.  A gîte can be anything from a full chateau or cottage in France to a guest suite built in the base of a windmill, someone's home, or even a single room off of a public building in the village.

'Sure Value' places to visit in France: UNESCO Sites

Bourges CathedralFrance offers so many tourist attractions, it is difficult to know which ones are 'really good'.  Tourism is big business in France, and every city, town or village will vie for your attention.  At times, uninteresting sites are touted as 'encroyable!' when in fact they are just average or completely unworthy of your time.

Stay connected when you travel France: rent or purchase a cellular phone

GSM Cell Phone in FranceIt is now easier than ever to stay in touch with family, friends and colleagues at home while traveling in France with a cell phone.

The Euro

Euro SymbolHelpful Tool: Currency Conversion Calculator

Huzzah for the Euro!  The Euro has made traveling through a dozen European countries far more convenient.  Long gone are the days when weary travelers had to exchange currencies at every border or juggle mystical, mathematical conversion calculations in their heads each time they needed to fill their rental car with petrol. Traveling outside the Euro area is also easier since the Euro is an international currency and therefore widely accepted in many places, particularly in tourist destinations.

Which Countries are in the Euro Area?

The Euro is the single currency used in 12 EU member states, including Ireland:

Austrian Flag Austria Germany Netherlands
Belgium Ireland Portugal
Finland Italy Spain
France Luxembourg Greece
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