Women's Clothing Size Conversions (USA, France & UK)

Paris shopping: Women's Clothing Size Conversions

Shopping in large French department stores like the Galeries Lafayette in Paris can be a heady experience.  What woman wouldn't want to spend at least one afternoon trying on the latest fashions?  To make the experience even more enjoyable (and less mysterious!) we offer the following conversion charts for women's sizes in the USA, the UK and France.  Please visit again soon for a future article on menswear.

Basic Apparel

In Europe, dress size depends on both height a figure type.  Junior is suitable for a height between 5'2" and 5' 5" with a slender figure.  Misses is suitable for women between 5'5" and 5'7" with a well proportioned figure.  Women's is suitable for ladies 5'5" through 5'8" with a fuller and rounder figure. Women's sizes do not correspond to bust measurements. A half size is somewhat shorter than a misses size and a bit fuller and rounder. A petite size is somewhat shorter than a misses size, with heights running from 4'8" to 5'4". The more expensive the dress, the more likely the manufacturer is to label the dress with a size or two smaller than its true size.  The following is a general conversion chart to get you started.  As always, it's best to try the garment on before purchasing anything.

Misses Dresses

USA UK France
2 (X-Small) 4 32
4 (X-Small/Small) 6 34
6 (Small) 8 36
8 (Medium) 10 38
10 (Medium) 12 40
12 (Large) 14 42
14 (Large-X-Large) 16 44
16 (X-Large/1X) 18 46
18 (1X/2X) 20 48/50
20 (2X) 22 50/52
22 (3X) 24 52/54
Bra Size

Note: cup size is the same in all Western countries -
A, B, C, D, etc.

Just as in America, European bra sizes consist of the band size (a number) and the cup size (a letter). The band size is found by measuring around the rib cage just below the bust line, adding 5, and rounding up to the nearest even number. The cup size is found by measuring along the fullest part of the bust and subtracting the band size. The letters correspond to the result as follows: A (1"), B (2"), C (3"), D (4"), DD (5"), and DDD (6").  Conversion Example:  If your bra size in the United States is 36C, it is the same in the UK, 96C in France, and 80C on the global European scale.


USA UK France Euro
32 32 90 70
34 34 90 75
36 36 95 80
38 38 100 85
40 40 105 90
42 42 110 95

Ladies Shoes

In the USA, each whole shoe size differs by 1/3 of an inch. In Europe, whole shoe sizes differ by 2/3 of a centimeter (about 1/4 of an inch). This makes the correspondences between US and European shoe sizes only approximate. European shoe sizes are the same for men and women. In the US a woman's shoe is about 1 to 1-1/2 sizes greater than the same length men's shoe. Infant shoe sizes run from 0 (4 inches) to 13 (8-1/4 inches). These correspond to European sizes 15 to 31. Boy's shoe sizes run from 1 (8-1/2 inches) to 12 (12-1/4 inches). Girl's shoe sizes run from 1 (8-1/4 inches) to 9-1/2 (11 inches). Add 1 to the boy's size to get the equivalent girl's size. Of course, there's a lot of variability, so it is imperative to try on a shoe before purchasing. If the shoe fits, wear it.

Paris shopping: Galleries Lafayette

Panties & Swimwear

S-M-L USA UK France Euro
S 6 10 38 36
M 8 12 40 38
L 10 14 42 40
XL 12 16 44 42


USA UK France
5 35
6 36
7 37½
8 38½
9 40
10 42
12 44

Due to popular demand here is a list (Junonia, Avenue, Torrid ...etc..) of internet Plus-Size stores with Coupon Codes.

For men's sizes, please visit Men's Clothing Size Conversions (USA, France & UK)


ladies sizes

This is a wonderful reference point, but do shops in Paris sell plus sized clothing? I noticed that the chart stops at a size 16. My sister and I are definitely fuller figured women who will need a little more room.

Yea I heard that there are no fat women in France, but I'm not sure if I actually believe that.

So is it possible to be fat and stylish in Paris?

Look up "grandes tailles"

Look up "grandes tailles" and Paris for stores that carry larger sizes for women - there are a couple I've heard of, like Grandiva, and NoComplex, but there are lots, actually.

Fat and stylish in Paris

No. Not in the NorthEast USA either.

Fat and stylish in Paris

My goodness carls - have you nothing better to do than be nasty? What goes around come around, you know. AKA, karma.

what carls said

carls was being honest. there was no hostility in what he said. just saying.

Europe & The United States East Coast

Dear Lady, Europe and The United States are rude and unforgiving over breasts and fat. There truly is no way to be stylish in either place when overweight. You asked a question. You received an answer. It is better that you and your daughter face the truth before you walk along the streets of Paris, Milan, Venice, or most of Europe and are humiliated by the jeers and horribly disapproving looks of the natives, ostracized by an entire town. That isn't hyperbole. Lives, bodies and the attention one pays to them are, whatever soothes you to believe, very different. People eat differently, and they are appalled by fat, especially, women.

You do extreme harm by sanctioning the overeating by your daughter and by telling her that she's fine. Our daughter has done as you're doing with our elder granddaughter, claiming that everybody praises their eating habits. She allowed, in two months, a tall, thin, live, gorgeous early teenager, extraordinarily fit and active, to gain an inordinate amount of weight, and while I'm a Christian, that is one thing I have been unable to forgive. A mother is responsible for the weight of her child. I have no wish to be harsh but to help you and your daughter to begin to face reality. Fat kills, it isn't pretty, clothes don't look well on the fat, and the medical problems mount with every five pounds. It is incumbent upon you to help, if not yourself, your precious daughter, and for the love of God, please refrain from a trip to Europe. You will subject your daughter to life-long humiliation and sour her on other cultures. Read, please, about the dangers of being ten pounds overweight. Face the truth, and act upon your newly acquired knowledge. You might convince yourself that you're happy with your size, but I beg you not to further inflict that lie and excuse upon your daughter.

You claim that you need a slightly smaller size, if you need to lose any weight a'tall. Your daughter is your responsibility. I would not write this to hurt you. I would love to see you, as I would an alcoholic or a drug addict, face the truth of your situation, and more importantly, that of your daughter. Your invectives are ill-placed. Turn the mirror on yourself. I don't believe that you would like to see your, almost certainly diabetic or pre-diabetic daughter in the grave in your lifetime, to live with the guilt of knowing that your inability to control your own weight led to false justifications which you conveyed to your progeny. Pray, if you will, look at your faults, and help your daughter to see the error of your ways, not by humiliating yourself but by presenting your newfound knowledge to her in as non-judgemental way as possible, but you must stress the importance and the immediacy of losing weight. You didn't mention her age, but changing your own diet would likely highly impact her habits. I wish you both well, as I wish you an attitudinal and a dietary-movement change. God help both of you. --On your side

no fat people in Europe???

ummm you obviously havent been to the UK or mainland Europe as the average size of women here are 16+...yes theres skinny women here..but to say to someone to not go to europe for fear of being rediculed is obscene...there are ALOT of fat people in the UK and europe so dont know where you got your facts from...possibly the 1950's european travel directorie?
overeating is an addiction just as are drugs and drink..some people are just fat and no amount of diet or food reduction can actually shift that weight sadly..instead of hounding the poor woman about her terrible unforgivable sin...perhaps you should do as jesus did and 'turn the other cheek' and accept people for who they are?

Really No Fat Women in Europe?

I found this posters comments really funny as well as sad......... This person really has a problem and as D pointed out has clearly never been to Europe. I have and can tell you that especially in France and Italy the female form is appreciated in all of it's glory whether you are a size 2 or a size 20, fashions are created for women in all of these sizes and the men are much more apprecative of a woman with curves. whomever you are please get some help your very skewed self image seems to have caused you much pain. Another thing please don't bring the "christian" element into this when you discuss it with others, not only is it offensive it also shows you not to be much of a "christian" at all the book says come as you are.......... I would suggest counseling as soon as possible. ( No malice I am only trying to help.)

its good jok that there is no

its good jok that there is no fat people in uk,there are millions fat people in uk,but i love fat people,bcoz thay are so sexy,,,

And you say you're

And you say you're christian????????????Shame on you!!!!!!!!Go do something christian instead of humiliating another person in public!Shame on you!!!!Since when God or Christ would care for your frigging weight????If you really believe in God which i doubt it very much you would start reading the Bible and following it!!!!Get your ass off the church seats and stop pretending you're christian.Because Christ cared about peoples feelings,He would never humiliate someone like you just did!SHAME ON YOU!!!!God don't bless you.

I hate you. I know that if

I hate you. I know that if more people read this they would hate you too. Your God probably doesn't agree with your judgments on other people.

Handing you a fistful of stones...

so you can just go on ahead and throw rocks at overweight people on the street when you see them.

american clothes

American clothes are made according to bigger people. I find the clothes go well with their body type than my own. Most of my friends are bigger. And when I buy shoes the palm is always in the wrong place because they were expecting to make the shoe for someone who's foot is bigger based on fat and not bone structure. And I love my curvy friends.

You are dillusional and

You are dillusional and totally nuts!!

Europe & The United States East Coast

Talk about someone who is judgemental. You know nothing of the individual you admonish but judge what kind of person they are. For all you know God may already be helping them.

I may be a year behind

I may be a year behind replying to this but I just feel the need to correct something. You apparently didn't pay attention to what you read. It was not her daughter it was her sister that was travelling to Paris. Also for the record, some people have medical issues and gain weight to no fault of their own. Congratulations on never being sick and having to take certain medications that can cause a person to gain weight and puffiness almost over night. Some people take medications like that to stay alive and well. I guess in your world those people just have to stay home, out of the public view! While your type of Christianity maybe right for you, It is NOT the type put forth in my Bible. I also feel very sorry for your daughter and granddaughter.

offensive, biased abusive slander.

There is nothing wrong with being fat, but there is something wrong with being a bigotted dick, I can always lose weight, not that I need too , but there isnt a pill for assholes yet. Congratulations on being a biggot, hope I didnt pull you away from your busy hateful life, maybe you were going too KKK meeting? or perhaps torturing some homosexuals.
-hating the haters.

You should try reading a book, it might if your lucky make you a little less dumb, and maybe even a little less mean.

Before you begin calling

Before you begin calling people "dumb," etc., you should learn proper grammar, punctuation, and basic spelling (e.g.; "you're" -- not "your").

Nice one, GET BENT! Couldn't

Nice one, GET BENT! Couldn't have put it better myself! My friend and I came across a dickhead like this in Aviemore many years ago. My friend was a over-weight but everytime she moved, this asshole had something to say. In the end she just lost it and told him that it wouldn't cost her much to go on a diet but that it would cost him a fortune for plastic surgery, him being such an ugly bastard! Her delivery was brilliant, his mates fell about laughing and told him he bloody deserved it for picking on the girl. In the end he had to leave cos of the slagging he got - prick couldn't handle it!

But did she ? did she

But did she ? did she actually lost weight ? did she even try for real to go on a diet ?
Trash talking is easy and may seem cool, but taking actions and getting results is better. And anyway that reply was dumb cuz im pretty sure that it would cost her a HORRENDOUSLY SHOCKING amount of money to get rid of all those extra pound of flesh hanging and wobbling of her thanks to plastic surgery, diet and exercise. Fat is dangerous and unhealthy, its because of people, like you, who pretend that being fat is okay so that you have to do nothing about it, that people become overweight/morbidly obese, get sick over some serious illnesses and die younger than average-size people. I'm not saying skinny is better. But a healthy weight is. And if you're wondering what healthy is for you try climbing 60 steps without being out of breathe. Chubby is okay, average too, thin as well, but skinny and fat no effin' way. And i don't give a f*** if you are pretending to be happy with the way you are or not. If you're not concerned about your weight for yourself do it for the people you love, so you can be with them as long as you can. Dedication, determination, time, healthy food, exercise and music is all it takes. And admitting the truth of course, plus women, full size, round, generous figure, little extra weight, that's all the bullshit you're making up to excuse yourself.

In the end if it's hard to find clothes bigger than size 16 it's probably because that nobody should fit those clothes.

And this is coming from a 22 years old girl who lost her dad because of his obesity, and dropped 150lbs in 14 months.

U need " go an get a life an

U need " go an get a life an get off ur high horse and as 4 a comment back up da page who da fuck said dat dis was a site wer u had 2 b politically correct let alone use spell check or grammar check jesus u all jus need 2 chill out!! YES! sum ppl are happy an thry may be a little over weight an size 16 is not obese so in reference to your stupid comment of course they should make clothes dat big!! u would tink considerin a family member had battled wit obesity u wouldnt b so hateful 2wards ppl!! I am a size 8 an a lot of my friends range from 10-16 my sister 18 but do i care NO cause they are happy of course every now an again they go on a crazy cabbage eating diet or take a notion 2 run 4 a month but they are satisfied wit der lives an dats all dat matters!!

Take a chill pill. Read the

Take a chill pill.
Read the full question before jumping on your high-horse about being politically correct.
She already mentioned a nicer way to say "fat", it was just easier to ask the question, there's nothing wrong with 'short,sweet, to-the-point'.

i'm not trying to defend him,

i'm not trying to defend him, but when i read that reply, i took it as bashing on the stores for not carrying stylish clothing for plus sized women.


This is the Internet. People here can apparently find this page by search engine and reply to whomever they want, and write anything they want. Freedom of speech and so on. There are these things on the Internet called trolls. It's advised that you not feed the trolls, even though the trolls will have their say. Taking flippant comments personally and opening a proverbial can of whoop-ass doesn't lend you credibility, it makes you look like a thin-skinned, undereducated hick. Ignore the comment, of reply sarcastically, but don't let the trolls think that you care what they think.

Bringing LOGIC into this, I would put forward that "stylish" is a totally subjective term and thus cannot technically be demonstrated to apply to anything. That having been said, there are memes and fads in society, and collectively a group of people (ie, the French) may find certain things "stylish" and others not (it's cultural). Certain people, like myself, think that people obsessing about being stylish is actually not stylish at all, and is definitely a turn-off.

Basically, what the commenter in question wanted to know is if you can be fat and still get stylish stuff in France. That all depends on whose definition of "stylish" it is you're talking about. And for that matter,

I had to comment on this because it was too funny. Otherwise, I don't care about fashion and probably never will. I hit this page by accident. Good luck to you all. Don't feed the trolls.

Fat - it is what it is.

Chill out people. Some of us who have been OVERWEIGHT all of our lives have learned that there IS something to be said for people of SUBSTANCE; whether they be thin or not.

And some thin people have really, really FAT heads, which are quite unattractive, after all.


I have also been told I am "extremely attractive", "beautiful", "gorgeous', "sexy", "sexy",
oh, and did i say "sexy"??
and, wait, i have also been told from more than one man that i OOOOOOZE sexiness.

So, even though I look in the mirror and see FAT, and I stand on the scales and read FAT...
it really is in the eyes of the beholder.
And I've had plenty of men be holden me.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Seriously, you people need to get over yourselves and your egos... fat OR thin.


I look good enough for ME and GOD!!!!

what carls said

I agree wholeheartedly with what Carls said. I am a plus size gal, and I have found over the years that if you are a fat woman, as I am, that you have limited options in clothes selection.

I am not a fan of wearing tents, clothing items covered in giant flowers or leopard print. I just want to wear what is the current fashion trend IN MY SIZE. I honestly can't imagine why at least some current styles can't be purchased in my size. I already pay higher prices for clothes in my size, so please, someone convince designers that fat people like to look nice and current too.

Issues Finding Nice Clothes

There's a huge amount of places you can go to find things that aren't tents in your size. I go to Torrid for jeans and casual tops - you can shop online, or in a store if you're in the States. If you're elsewhere in the world, Torrid does ship. Then there's Etsy, where the clothes may cost more, but they are made exact to your size. Then there's Chicstar which is a factory website, and there's lots of peer reviewed designs. It's great for all sorts of more romantic style tops and dresses. They really excel at 1930's to 1960's dresses, and have affordable shipping. Also, their garments are sturdy, which you wouldn't expect for a factory in Asia, but they're a smaller, family owned one that caters to a more niche market of fashion.

Then there's Holy Clothing, which has cotton blend dresses and tops and tunics, that are attractive with some comfy leggings or over jeans. I've had good luck with them.

If you're looking for something more exotic, Utsavfashion has sarees and salwar kameez (salwar kameez are sort of a tunic dress and pants of some sort, very comfy, very good for business or dinner, without being fussy.)

For undergarments, you really can't beat Cacique by Lane Bryant, I swear by their bras. For support, lift, comfort and durability. Their panties are a bit meh for me, but I have a funny shaped bottom, so they don't sit so well, so I sew my own silk girl shorts.

There really are options, and if you want more high fashion stuff, like I said, Etsy. You can find a seamstress who will make you whatever you want within a fairly reasonable price. In the case of these seamstresses, you really get what you pay for. Your shirt or dress or pants may cost more, but it is for quality, not for something that will fall apart in a few months, so it's worth every penny.

There's no reason for you to think your only choices are 'tent, matronly, tent, tent, tent'. You just have to look.

I love curves

I definitely understand how hard it is to find clothes that fit properly if you are plus sized and curvy (especially if you are curvy). A lot of places that design for a fuller figure don't fit me well, because of the way I am shaped, even though I am a size 14. I have a small waist and full hips and bust. Nothing fits. I love the look of a full, curvy, figure. I think it is Uber feminine and very sensual. That is my design inspiration. I do like leopard print and floral though. I also like a good curvy dress with no print.

Fuller Figured and Fabulous in Paris

I've tried to shop many times in France and being a 16+ a bit, it tends to be rather a depressing experience. However, you can ALWAYS buy wonderful accessories and these as we all know is really the way to look fabulous and stylish AND minimise the girth a little. And of course SHOES . . . I don't care how fat I get, I'm going to squeeze my feet into wonderful shoes until I'm in my grave !

I don't think we do have

I don't think we do have plus sized clothing.
I am French and I am pretty sure that you won't find more than the size 16. It's not that nobody is fat over here, but the people who really are are not stylish...
I am skinny, so I am not really sure of what I am saying, but I live in Paris, and that's what I think. Maybe you can find more than 16, but not in Paris : no stylish shops sell plus sized clothing.
And the rumor you hear isn't really true.. some of us are fat, but they are really few in great cities like Paris...
I Hope my answer is what you were looking for, and that my english isn't so bad !

pauvre conne ! tu devrais

pauvre conne ! tu devrais aussi proposer aux personnes en surpoids d'aller habiter au fin fond de la cambrousse parce qu'à Paris, elles risquent de faire tâche... Il y a de tout à PARIS des anorexiques et aussi des obèses et d'autres qui sont entre les deux et tout le monde a le droit de vivre et de s'habiller comme bon lui semble. alors va donc te pendre au lieu de raconter n'importe quoi aux étrangers !

Merci beaucoup mon ami

Merci beaucoup mon ami Zelda. Je suis Anglaise et graisse mais je fait bijoux et je suis tres elegante! Je ne suis anorexique pas et je pense que Paris est choquant!
Desolee pour mauvais Francais - je suis etudiant debutante!
A bientot d'Angleterre... xx


I liked this comment so much, I plugged it into Google so those of us who don't read French could see it:

"Poor b*****! You should also propose to overweight people to go and live in the depths of the outback because in Paris, they are likely to work ... There is everything in PARIS anorexics and also obese, and others who are between two and everyone has the right to live and dress as they please. So then go hang yourself instead of talking nonsense to strangers!"


Je trouve ta réponse à son comm' tout bonnement magnifique. Certes, je confirme qu'il y a largement moins de personne en surpoids en France, ou en tout cas dans un surpoids sans commune mesure avec ce que j'ai pu voir aux USA. Par contre, en France aussi tu peux t'habiller avec des grandes tailles, à Paris comme ailleurs... et j'irais pas parier que les gens sont moins gros à Paris !!!
Bref, merci pour ta réponse enflammée qui lui rabats son clapet !!

I'm a fat woman and a

I'm a fat woman and a jewellery designer darling - I think you'll find I'm very stylish!! What a shame that is the way larger people are thought of in France. Je parle francais aussi =)

You're beautiful!

I am going to start by saying that big is beautiful.
By the way so called French woman at the bottom I am skinny too but I find your comment highly rude and offesive hiding behind a language is absolutely no excuse to be (if you'll excuse my Frech) a complete bitch!
I so think" we don't have fat people in Paris"
This is one of the most nasty things I have ever ever heard anyone say!

Just wanted to share my

Just wanted to share my experience from visiting Paris. In 10 days I saw maybe just a few of local women above size 6. I am size 4, and I am considered skinny here but in Paris I felt a bit pudgy. It looked that everybody was much thinner, 0 or 2. also had trouble finding the pants for my size 4-6 bottom in designer's store. No sizes beyond 4.

While I thoroughly

While I thoroughly understand that it can be very hurtful to have unpleasant things said about your body we need to remember we are talking about fashion here! While you are in the process of losing weight it would be great to have nice things to wear. I certainly hope you ARE in the process of losing weight and learning more effective eating and exercise HABITS because being fat is a very serious HEALTH issue and NOT a fashion statement worth imitating.

Everyone forgets about us....

I was thin for most of my life until I became ill. Although I'm grateful that the medication I take helps tremendously, one of the side effects is enormous weight gain--pun intended. I've gained 65 lbs. and it's horrible. Because I felt so lousy, I went off the meds 3 times over the past 20 years and within 5 months, lost all the weight without changing a thing. Maybe I'm not as sensitive to rudeness because I have a reason for being overweight, or an excuse, it's still not okay to ridicule anyone. So the next time any of you feel the need to help out a fat person by ridiculing or name calling or giving "helpful" diet tips, don't. We already know.

I'm sure there are some shops

I'm sure there are some shops in Paris for larger sized women! There must be...I've noticed that there are more and more larger sized people in Paris. I focus my search on trying to find sophisticated "grown up" clothing in my size, which is not so easy either. I'm tall and I'm a US size 2. We all have our challenges on both sides of the spectrum! PS: For the record, I'm just thin, not anorexic! I understand how hurtful it must feel to be called "fat" people are often saying I'm "too skinny". Just live a healthy lifestyle and ignore the hurtful ones...life is too short to spend time worrying about what people say.

Plus sizes in France

I leave for Paris in 6 days.
#1 - I do not believe that I will be the only fat women (French or American) walking around Europe.

#2 - Though very difficult, I know I dress quite stylish considering the ghastly selections that plus-sized women have available to them (live here in the US? try www.junonia.com)

#3 - There are A LOT stores that carry plus-sizes in Paris. See the list at the end.

#4 - There seems to be conflicting information out there about what EU size equals what US size. I suspect that an EU size 50 is a US size 26/28. Being a size 32, I doubt I will find anything, but will have fun looking.

I do want to say shame on the Parisian skinny girl for her comments. Though she thought she was being helpful, she should keep her comments to herself if she has nothing to contribute. Saying there are no plus size store in Paris, when in fact there is a surprizing number of them, is simply, once again, showing how stupid and unempathetic thin women can be. Oops, now I've lowered myself to her level. I take that back. It shows her passing on incorrect information without checking her facts first.

I expect I will have a wonderful time. I expect that my butt won't fit in most places, but I'm going to have fun trying, and if it doesn't, I'll cope. I expect that I will have no regrets. I refuse to not live life because of body I have. For as much as I watch what I eat and as much as I work out and walk, I just have to believe that God has a plan for me in this body. I can accept that (but I won't stop fighting!!). Au revoir!!

Plus Size Woman Clothing Stores in Paris
Femmes Rondes - Grandes Tailles
36 Boulevard de Charonne
75020 Paris
Téléphone : 01 43 73 57 03
Sizes 40 to 60.

Jeanne Rafal
36, blvd. Hausmann, 75009 Paris
11, rue St.Lazare, 75008 Paris

La Pompadour
32 bis, Blvd. Hausmann, 75009 Paris

Marina Rinaldi fashions start at about size 44 (US 14)
133 rue de Sèvres

265 rue St Honoré, 75006 Paris
Tél.: 01 47 34 66 93

Angelique Dinan
Locate outside of Paris, but the fashion parade on the internet has some great photos. Click 'Les Infos'.

Cholet-Ganne Marielle
10 place du champ clos, 22100 DINAN

Danish Karen Hansen

Ronde et Jolie (Round and Happy :-)
Type 75 for Paris - interesting site with a list of other plus size shops.

Ulla Popken
The Paris store is at 32 boulevard Haussmann 75009, close to the large department stores. In Paris:http://www.ullapopken.fr In USA, site in English, shipped from USA: http://ullapopken.com

The store is at 41 rue Dulong 75017. They have a large variety of women's dresses, separates and lingerie.Grandiva website *

Unjour Ailleurs
There are several stores in Paris. French size 50 as plus sized; good clothes for a working wardrobe as well as for special events.
10, rue Halevy, 75009
Un-Jjour-Ailleurs.com - translated into English

Elena Miro
195 rue Saint Honore 75001
Separates and dresses in European sizes 42-58 (U.S. 10-26). Two stores in Paris and also have some floor space in Galleries Lafyette :


There are two plus size shops on the rue St Placide between rue de Sevres and the rue de Rennes. They are both on the left side of the street as you walk from the Bon Marche towards the St Placide metro station - I'll get the names and post them here.

Department Stores for Plus Size Woman Clothing
Galeries Lafayette has collections from different designers who cater to grand tailles - plus size - from Marina Rinadi, Elena Miro and Alain Weiz. Alain Weiz's clothing is gorgeous.

Printemps - Level 6 - "Mode Classique" has grandes tailles - plus size. The Christine Laure collection is fashionionable and is in sizes 38 to 52.

Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche has a selection of plus sized clothes, look for departments called 'Encore' - meaning 'more' - or Grandes Tailles or Femmes Rondes.

Plus Size Woman Lingerie
Laure Sokol
15, rue du Vieux Colombier, 75006 Paris
137, rue de Sèvres, 75006 Paris
84, rue Francois Miron, 75004Paris


Difference in Plus Sizes
France uses a different sizing system than the United States.

U.S. dress size 18 is a size 50 in France.

If you buy a plus size item of clothing made in France, the tag will show the French size. Buying the same dress in the USA, you would find that the clothing tag will show U.S. sizing as well as showing the foreign origin of the dress, possibly as "Imported" or "Made in France".

Tip! Hire a seamstress or dressmaker in Paris
Hire a Parisian dressmaker if you don't have the time to shop or if you want a dress that is not readily available in the stores. Contact the concierge at your hotel at least two weeks before your arrival date. The Concierge will be able to help you set up an appointment with a local dressmaker. You can select your fabric and pattern and then complete your fittings while you in Paris. The dressmaker can then finish your dress and ship it to your U.S. home or office.

Heading across "the Pond" to England?
If you're going to be in the U.K., there are specialty plus size woman clothing shops such as Ann Brooks which only sell plus size clothing. Other UK plus size labels and stores are New Look, Etam, Marks and Spencers and BHS.

Plus Size Clothing for Men in Paris
Capel K stock big and tall men's clothing - Several shops in Paris. One located at 26 boulevard Malesherbes (Arr 8) Metro: Madeleine. Tel: 01 42 66 34 21

Big and Nice for larger men near NationMen's wear for the fuller figure.
12 cours Vincennes (Arr 12) Metro: Nation

Looking for larger shoes in Paris?
Sacapuce Boutique, 13 rue de Clignqncourt75018 Paris
Telephone: 01 46 06 49 06

You're fabulous Going to France!

Really, bravo, you said it best. I lived in France for 3 years -- French women, just like American women come in all shapes & sizes. Clothes do too. We are all beautiful, no matter what size we are. Have fun in France!

many many thanks

Thank you SO MUCH for this. I am heading to Paris in just under 3 weeks, and I'm a US size 24. Though I do expect to come home with beautiful perfumes, cosmetics, art, knickknacks, and accessories, I was not expecting to be able to come home with clothing. Thanks to your list, I just might!
I would love to hear about your experience in Paris. If you would like to share, please e-mail me: sarra.b@gmail.com. Thanks again!

hello, you can find 'plus

hello, you can find 'plus sized' clothing. I think C&A (I suppose this would be a sort of Target type shop) has a dept (the one at St Lazare does anyway). And I second the view that women at Paris are seen in all shapes and sizes. Mind you I can't say I particularly care for the 'general fashion' at Paris at the moment (I find it a bit lame)! Btw, to make sure your stay is more enjoyable, even if you don't speak French I'd advise you to at least try to speak a little - I've generally found that people are more friendly if you do!

Plus size clothing and wide shoes in Paris


I will be in Paris, May 2009. Do you know if the shoe store Sacapuce Boutique carries wide widths? Their website shoes large sizes, but I cannot tell if they carry regular sizes but in wide widths.

Are there any new plus size stores that you can recommend?

And do you by any chance know of plus size or wide width shoe stores in Madrid?

Thank you,
Sandra Kinsler

wide shoes in paris


I would be interested if you hear of any leads on wide shoes in Paris.

I have been living in Paris since January, and I always have my eye out for wide shoes that are comfortable and not very ugly because I walk about 5-10 km a day. If you are lucky and have slightly wide feet, say more of a D width, you will be able to find a few styles in almost any shoe store. People walk here, so there is more selection in cute but comfortable shoes.

However, if you are unlucky like me, and have VERY wide feet, you will have to look harder. I still haven't found my elusive pair of cute flats or low heels to wear with skirts, but I did have luck finding sandals that are comfortable and relatively stylish at Podolinea (44 Avenue de la Republique in the 11th). The service was impeccable- it helps if you try to speak French. The prices are high for some one middle class like me (100-160 euros per pair). If you are brave, you can try Sangone next door. They have some cute Think sandals that are cut wider for 100 euros or less, and some interesting styles for 150 euros or less (all too narrow for me alas). However, you have to be assertive to get service. I haven't done any digging into the higher-end stores. Also I found a few places on Alesia that have cheaper shoes such as by Spanish brand I think called Dorking that are cut wider, but the quality is worse than Nine West but they fit.

In the end, if your feet are slightly wide, you will have a good time shopping for shoes in Paris. If your feet are E width or wider, and you have limited time in Paris, I might skip the shoe shopping. Take the time allocated to shoe shopping and browse for fabulous accessories instead! Enjoy your visit...P.C.

Large Size Clothing in Paris

H & M carries larger sizes - the Rue Rivoli H & M for certain. C & A carries quite a selection (some times better than others) but even their regular selections go up to size 48/50 in many styles that are more contemporary. C & A has a good selection of bras, panties for larger sizes and lingere too in lovely quality! I also was able to find a large selection of larger size coats (raincoats, winter coats, leather, etc.) at C & A.

Thank you so much for that

Thank you so much for that helpful list!! I'm English, size 22-24 and I recommend JD Willams too - they're an online catalogue and fantastic for larger ladies. Their clothing is very well cut, even their knee high boots fit my calves which is nothing short of a miracle! Much of my wardrobe comes from them lol!! =D xx

Your totally right! God has

Your totally right! God has a great place for you in this world! And you are a very strong woman for being proud of your body! :)

Thank you! Just returned

Thank you! Just returned from two weeks of wandering through Paris as a size 16, and stumbled on two additional wonderful shops with beautiful, stylish and not expensive clothing for plus-size women: In the Marais (4th arr.) : Nina Jacob, 23 rue Francs Bourgeois, not far from the Places des Vosges. Beautiful boiled wool jackets, ponchos, etc., and casual clothing. Website: www.evatralala.fr.
Jean Marc Philippe (European sizes 42-60): 89 rue de Rivoli (1st Arr., next to the Louvre). Three more stores around Paris. Website: www.shop.jeanmarcphilippe.com. I got some fabulous body-hugging jeans and capris there. The shopkeepers themselves tell me that yes, most Parisians are tiny, but not all Parisians! Many come from other parts of the world, and there are at least 200,000 expats living there too!

Your comment was wise and

Your comment was wise and gracious. I have struggled with weight my entire life and finally have found weight watchers is working for me. That being said, a person's weight is not who they are; only one aspect of their physicality. I have built a successful business, gone to law school, and have been a wife and mother, among other things. A person's weight is a very complex matter, it is certainly not just about will-power, but also about genetics, food additives and their interactions with individual body types and other scientific causes that we do not understand as yet. To judge someone for a problem that you have not experienced is not just unkind, but it is foolish. Even if you have been fat and have conquered your weight, you still cannot compare yourself to another because each person's situation and genetics is different. I know thin people who are horrendous and unscrupulous and I know fat people that are horrendous and unscrupulous. Fat does not equate to evil, sloppy, or undisciplined. To complete law school I was up at 6 am every morning studying, then attending classes, and coming home and studying again until 10pm. I generally did this seven days a week. Why don't we cut each other a break and focus on just being better people.

size 32 in France

Dear size 32, it might be too late but welcome to France. i'm size 4 I think for you. About your comment on skinny girls, some are but unthoughtful and so on. I have suffer from it too. As a teen, a young women and a today a women relatively constant in my size and weight I have suffered from remarques, jealousy and everything else.
I do think besides the beauty of some people that beauty belongs to each and everyone in a peculiar way. Some are more than others but it is not their weight that makes it. Even if some will only see that.
I have ever been disposed to share all i knew whether about nutrition/sport/wellness/health balance that I had gather all along these years.

What I can say is that I have seen many plain women attractive and happy, many others beautiful, but also many aggressive, or unhappy, just like unto skinny ones.

Often, ladies that feel overweight (it is relative for everyone) want to loose weight and I can share what I know but anyway, what will work will be different for everyone.
You are right, I wanted to share the many shops that carries beautiful outfits for lager ladies but you did.
And you can be stylish and elegant, have beautiful complexion and else.

men are not the ones in the end that cause all these problems, rather genes, bad food, and the regard of us women.

Take good care and enjoy your trip

Yours sincerely


Larger Sizes in France

As per the comments above which were just stating fact and not trying to be insulting. Although there are larger women in France unfortunately the clothing does not cater to larger women. The French population has been getting larger over the last 10 years, but the proportion does not compare to North America and the range of clothing sold does not yet reflect these changes. I am not saying it is right, just that that is the way it is, so you can mentally prepare yourself.

For example I am considered thin and petite here in North America and have been called large or fat in France or told by sales people that certain high fashion items "do not come in sizes to fit my body type", as in I am too large. So be prepared because in France they are much more blunt, factual and honest about these things than in North America... which does take some getting used to! In NA I pick up tops to try on in the XS or S, and pants in the 2-6 range. In France where sizes run from 1-3 for tops usually (although some places have added a 4) or 34-42 for pants, I usually am a 2 or 3, or 38-40 so in the upper ranges.

So be prepared to have to search a bit more...

But the most important thing is to take on the French attitude which is when something doesn't fit to think " IT IS A BAD CUT / DESIGN " and not the American approach.. which is to blame yourself!!!! And do not let it get in the way of enjoying the amazing food!!

Hope you have a great trip...

There are very few shops that

There are very few shops that sell plus size clothing in Paris - think Abercrombie sizing and if you can't fit into Abercrombie then you won't find any upscale stores with clothes to fit. The US has way too many plus sizes so there is the market to cater for this and you will be able to find the plus sizes in the stores. You just need to think of the designers and it is hard to find anything that is bigger than a size 8 or 10 in the US. They do not cater for the plus sizes and neither do the Paris designers.

France has a better lifestyle where food is eaten in moderation. Yes, people eat chocolate but they don't wolf down the whole slab. There isn't a very large plus size population so it will be difficult to find the clothes to fit if you are plus sized.

Actually, I heard that in

Actually, I heard that in France larger women are appreciated more than they are in the US.


Yeah, are we sure he/she wasn't saying that there were no stylish clothing stores for plus sizes? Haha, everybody is rather touchy here!



Continuing this thread...In

Continuing this thread...
In answer to your very good question: French people are much smaller than Americans (not only thinner but shorter)and there are very few clothing options for anyone over a size 16US. In fact, most department stores and shops carry only up to a size 14US.

This is in no way an insult to Americans as there are several European countries who carry larger sizes (as they are larger) such as Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, and all of Scandinavia.

If you pass upon a Marina Rinaldi shop (they are Italian and part of the Max Mara Group) you will find very fashionable larger sizes.

Larger clothing in France

Hi annoymous. Being honest it will be difficult to find fuller figured sizes in the larger French cities, especially Paris as many women tend to be much thinner than average Americans. Do not fret though! It is absolutely possible to be chic and stylish in Paris:) I used to live in France and my advice to you is shop in the states for basics and STICK TO NEUTRAL COLORS! Black, white, beige, grey and then when you get to Paris accessorize with scarves, jewelry and bags! And whatever you do no shorts, no flip-flops, no baseball hats, no backpacks and no fanny packs and please no white tennis shoes. Ok now you're good to go! amusez-vous bien et bon voyage!

fat in paris

In the least sarcastic tone possible- this is a nation that eats chocolate filled pastries, dipped in hot chocolate FOR BREAKFAST.
Every country in the world has healthy,and unhealthy cuisine- therefore potential for overweight people.
It's only the fashion industry who don't allow for realistically, and healthy shaped women.
So if you see a stylish big person- always remember that style and taste has little to do with having money, or any affiliation with Dolci, Fendi, Valentino, Vuitton, Wang, Chanel, Versace, Westwood, Klein, Prada.............

Reply & Apology

Apology: Please forgive my misreading your post. You wrote of you and your sister. I wrote as to you and your daughter. I do apologize.

Full and In Charge

Okay, in Spain I had an easy time. There were plenty of fashionistas who were size two. (Though everyone kept trying to shove food at them, mamas and papas and abuellas [grandmoms] going 'eat eat eat you're nothing but skin and bones!') There were also women who were I would hazard, close to a size 28 in US sizes. There were women who were four-foot eight, full grown, and women who were six-foot-three. All sorts of sizes. Was it easier to find clothes that were in a wide variety of colours, fits, and styles if you were a US size 8-16? Yes, it was. However, there were plenty of things to pick and choose from anyway. Also, lots and lots of seamstresses in Andulsia where I was living, so often you could get something that was stylish, custom made, and DURABLE unlike cheap off the rack things. And yes, that would wind up costing more. I have a pair of jeans I had custom made there that fit me like a glove. I've had them for five years. I've only had two other pairs of jeans I wore all the time that lasted that long, and even they looked more worn and ragged.

In Germany, it can be more difficult. There's lots of stores that are 'big box' stores, like L&M and they are pervasive, and anything over a size 14 there can be downright hideous. HOWEVER that being said, if you look around carefully, you can find attractive things. My only real complaint about Germany, is that the BRAS are utter crap. If you have anything over a B cup, be prepared to suffer, because the bra straps aren't thicker, the back strap only has TWO rows of fasteners, instead of the typical three to four if you have a C cup, or four if you've got bigger boobs than that.

I didn't spend enough time in France to buy anything, mainly having left because I found the men to be abhorrent and rude. I was assaulted by several individuals on separate occasions, who wouldn't take 'no' for an answer. With my husband standing right there. But I did notice that there were plenty of people larger than myself (in Spain I ranged between a 16-20, Germany, I'm a 20, France I was size 18.) Anyone who thinks that there isn't a large population of those over the size of a stick either hasn't been to Europe, or has no idea how to open their eyes. Or is flat out lying. As for 'jeers' and all that, no.

I have had catcalls, my rump has been patted by older men in Spain, but it was sort of the impersonal "Oh, you're pretty, moving on now". Sort of like saying to someone in a line "Oh my, your hair is so pretty" or "That dress looks really nice on you!" Plenty of men saying "Hola bella/guapa/hermosa/bonita" in Andulsia, but it was sort of akin to a polite smile if that makes sense. It was cultural. They weren't invasive the way they were in France. My husband literally had to deck a guy. Frankly, I would've done it myself, but the man would've wound up in the hospital if I had.

So, that's my two cents, and please ignore the trolls, they aren't worth your time, or letting you feel afraid.

RE: Fat women in France...

I am in Cannes right now ! Yes; I can confirm that there are no fat women in France ! LoL ! Bon mardi !

Bra Sizes, Clothing Etc.

I'm going to have to disagree with the bra sizes.. I've been living in France for about 5 years now and trial and error has shown me that cup size is one size bigger in France than you are in the US. In the US I'm a B, in France I'm a C. This has proven pretty true for my American friends who have come to visit as well.

Clothing sizes.. hmm trying to find the US average clothing size in France is very difficult. A lot of the sizes seem to be running particularly small this year (seen a lot of size 34s in stores lately). To put it simply in the US we are generally larger.. most French women are very slim. (have to use the word slim not skinny because in French they translate skinny as "maigre" which means sickly skinny"). As a size 12 I can almost never find clothes that fit me. I had to look at plus sized stores and that was embarrassing.. so if you're a more average American woman be prepared to feel like a huge cow in France.. :/

bra sizes

I agree with Anex about the bra cup sizes. This is true in the UK as well as in France. In the US, I am a 34AA--in the UK, I'm a 34B!

No fat women in France? LOL

"I heard that there are no fat women in France" -..LOL
It's very funny the stereotype of both the French and about the French.
I relocated to France 2 months ago. I am a healthy, athletic, built very well size 10 woman and I love my curvy, shapely body.
I was quite surprised that I find namely 2 types of French women when I look around, the really skinny, or the obese to a semi-extreme side of each. The really skinny are size 2 or 0, and I look in terror at times, as I would NEVER want to deplete my body of my feminine curves and muscles in such a way. I have yet to see a size 2 woman with any kind of "definition" to her body. I look unique, toned, curved and I look nice walking the streets of Paris, not like another "waif" getting blown in the wind, and Paris has many of those.
There are plenty of obese people too. So I truly stand out in the crowd sometimes.
It makes me wonder whether the country is not suffering a serious eating disorder, either starving or eating to an excess.
But if you're not extremely obese, and not anorexic, you will stand out in the crowd, and it can be pleasant. It will also peg you as a "tourist" unfortunately ;)
As far as stores, I find clothes in my size (38-40) all the time on The Avenue des Champs-Élysées. And there are stores like Zara and Kiabi that carry larger sizes, but I am not sure how large, but I do know that there are stores for Plus sizes around, certainly, as I see PLENTY Plus sized women roaming around in France....and they're NOT naked ;)

I'm a size 0 or 2, I am not

I'm a size 0 or 2, I am not anorexic and I go to the gym about 3 or 4 times a week, so I am toned. I am not a "waif" I'm just French! I will not call anyone "fat" so please don't refer to me as a "waif". Sometimes people who are offended on one extreme think it's ok to offend the other. Please consider kindness, acceptance and tolerance. When we judge, we bring judgement on ourselves and make ourselves appear to be jealous.

I agree..... I am 0-2 too!!! and I am not anorexic

I agree with you! and while reading that comment before yours I felt offended.... it is a question of respect to the others.... just because I am skinny doesnt mean I am anorexic. I've always been small and underweight and I eat mountains of food looking forward to gain some weight. It is hard to find clothes that fit me. If she was overweight she probably wouldn't like to be called "fat" so, please more respect.... delete that "waif" word from your vocabulary.

I have lived in France for

I have lived in France for over a year, and yes, the women here come in all shapes and sizes. Mostly, I find the women on the shorter side. I am all of 5'5" and I literally tower over most women here. It is a nice change for me as I am usually considered very short for a female (in my home country at least). In terms of weight, you will everything well-represented from truly-too-thin to very voluptuous! Many women moke, especially the younger girls, so that could be part of the reason why some are so thin. In terms of clothing, I take a USA 8 (French 38) and I am absolutely in the middle of the range for most shops. However, there are many, many shops that have size ranges for the more voluptous woman. Yes, some shops only stock very teeny clothes. I leave those shops to the teenagers! The bra sizing is very odd; find an international conversion chart before buying, and really try the bra on before buying it. I have gone up a cup size in terms of French sizing. It's kinda nice to have a 'B cup' instead of an 'A cup' these days, all without surgery! ;-) I also went up up several band sizes. I thought I was losing my mind at first but then I read a conversion chart and that made it all much easier. So, enjoy France. It is a fabulous place. And Paris really is the city of lights.

By the way, I've just

By the way, I've just purchased a pair of size 34 jeans at Zara. The label says that it is the equivalent of a US size 2...the chart provided here says that a French 34 is a US 4, so, as with most things, I suppose you just have to try things on to know.

Yeah, I recently bought a top

Yeah, I recently bought a top from H&M that was a US size 2, EU 32, and UK 6, not 4... I wear a uk 4-6, and I can't work out what size I would be in America or Paris...

Size Conversion?

I'm trying to order an outfit from contagiousclubwear.com and my measurements are a 34-27-37. What sizes would this be? The site's a UK one and I don't understand the size charts at all @_@

What if you're tall?

What if you're taller than 5'7", since the size charts quoted seem to end in that height range? I'm not overweight (size 6), but I am nearly six feet tall, and there really is a difference in clothes made for tall people. I *would* like to come back from France with some fashionable stuff. Does my height leave me out in the cold, or should I just treat it as an adventure, forget the idea of "sizes," and try on everything?

Clothes for tall people

I think you can still find long shirts or trousers.
I am French but live in the UK since August. I found that French trousers are usually longer then they should be (I always have to shorten them to match my legs lenght. Also, if t-shirt are usually short, you can always find some that are "fashionably" long, it would fit a tall person even though it is supposed to be worn more like a tunique. Don't be affraid to try on the clothes before buying them so you're not surprised once you try them on at home. I don't know if it is a French thing or not but all the cuts don't match everyone, you have to find the kind that is made for your shape, length and size. Hope it helps =)

Also, reading the comments I realise that women in France seem indeed slimmer than in the US. I wear a 38 and I'm considered (and consider myself) just a tad over the average size. I kow that my sister who lived in the US last year is the same size as me and was considered really skinny in Iowa.

I'm a size 24 from Australia

I'm a size 24 from Australia and I'm 6" tall too!

I'm looking to move to Paris and after reading all these comments, feel slightly overwhelmed by the number of negative people there are in such a beautiful city! Here in Australia, it also difficult to buy fashionable clothing for curvy ladies. The clothing is made for women who are a lot shorter, mainly around 5"5-5"7. This means pants, shorts, tops and dresses are all too short for someone my height!

I shop at a store called City Chic - www.citychic.com.au - they sell fashionable clothing in a range of sizes from approximately size 12/14 - 24. They ship all over the world! They also sell lingerie, which is beautiful. I have also bought items from Evans in the UK (www.evans.co.uk) which sell clothes, lingerie and shoes in plus size. For the lady who was searching for wide shoes, Evans can help!

I also wanted to thank the wonderful lady who listed a number of stores that sell plus size clothes! They will be helpful for me when I go!

Thanks for the wonderful girls, both thin and curvy, who are proud of their bodies and are sticking up for their fellow women!


Okay, so need some help from the larger ladies out there. I'm always on the smaller side for clothes and being a teenager, my mom comes shopping with me a lot. My mom has always been big. And some recent weight gain has put her up the XL and XXL sizes. At our closest mall there are some stores for larger women, but my mom steers clear of them every time and buys the biggest t-shirts she can find. They are really unflattering and she even admits that she thinks they're ugly, but goes out and buys more. So, my question is, how do I get her to understand that she can wear nicer clothes? I've seen other women bigger than her dressing stylishly in flattering jeans (not sweatpants) and blouses and dresses that look wonderful. She gets angry when I suggest clothing like that and understandably, when I tell her that I'm embarrassed when she shows up to school events in a t-shirt down to her knees with a big picture of a cat on it. can anyone help?

I used to be a happy

I used to be a happy contented size 14 (UK). After many,nasty,jibes and uncalled for comments I went on an extreme diet. I am now a size 8 due to over exercise and an eating disorder. It hurts me to see the pain I caused my family by refusing to eat. I feel awful that my children picked up on what I was going through,that I never had the energy to play football in the park with them.
So before picking on someone because of their size please consider the long term effect it may have on them. Whether it is a stranger being cruel or someone they know,the nasty comments stick and can make a person so low that they feel their only option is to change. When in fact it is the bully who is ugly and needs to change!

Well, the amount of debate

Well, the amount of debate around the issue shows that there is an issue, indeed. "I'm fabulous despite being fat", "we are all beautiful, despite the fat", "being fat is less nasty than being mean" etc - all that are but techniques fat people mastered to employ to psychologically/emotionally cope with the issue. While people who refuse to adapt the same attitude - are NOT dishonest, ugly personalities, mean or what not. They are just people who don't feel obliged to get take part in fat people's self-balming. Granted, refusing to participate in creating overall consolating atmosphere in the world for thos who are indeed of that sort of consolation is a bit insensitive. But no more insensitive than other people refusing to consolate some other pet-peeves for some other people..

As for clothing - I guess designers don't create that much clothing in really large sizes because they don't want to have their brand associated with large people. Cool stores don't want to carry extra large sizes because they don't want to loose their average cool clientele that doesn't want to be associated with shopping at same places as where fat people shop... All that again can be labeled as mean, nasty etc, but hey - remember that it makes *you" a nasty person if you go around bashing and smashing anyone who doesn't join you in your self-consolation agenda with whatever issue you've got.

BRAVO!However, what do I do


However, what do I do about my size 11 shoe? I can't really go on a diet for that one or even cut off my toes... so I'm left with being 6ft tall with a great "under" standing, but still a US size 8. The ONLY excuse for being overweight is laziness I'm afraid. Educate yourselves on nutrition and exercise, you'll be amazed at what you really don't know! So why doesn't everyone get off their computers, put on a pair of comfy shoes and go out for a nice long walk. It's beautiful outside and it's what the slender Parisian's do ~ your internal organs will thank you!

Haters gonna hate

Haters gonna hate - love yourself: skinny, fat, waif, obese, big feet, small feet, tall, short... Love yourself.

Do unto others as you would have do unto you. And do unto yourself as you would have other do unto you.

Physical health is important - it's just as important to have mental health. Be sure to focus on both in your life.

I agree. They are both

I agree. They are both important. and stop arguing people :-)

i know being fat somethings

i know being fat somethings hurt a lot when you can do anything to get those fats off but is equally important to try your possible best to live healthy.do not let what people say about you make you sad but rather strengthen you.God loves you the more reason you must love yourself