Men's Clothing Size Conversions (USA, France & UK)

Basic Apparel

Unlike women's sizes, men's sizes are far more consistent because they reflect the actual dimensions of various body parts in inches or centimeters. For instance, the first number in men's shirt sizes is always the circumference of the neck, with the second number being the length of the sleeve.  In pants, the first number is the dimension Paris shopping: Men's Clothing Size Conversions of the waist,  with the second number being the length of the inseam.  Men's coats are measured according to chest size, measuring under the arms.  As long as you know the exact measurements of the person you are outfitting, it is difficult to go wrong in men's sizes, however, as always be sure to try things on when possible.  We offer the following charts as basic guidelines only.

Men's Dress Shirts

USA UK France
14 14 36
14½ 14½ 37
15 15 38
15½ 15½ 39
16 16 41
16½ 16½ 42
17 17 43
France shopping: Men's Clothing Size Conversions Men's Pants

As mentioned above, men's pant size is determined pretty much the same way all over the world, and is based on the man's waist and inseam measurements. Metrics rule in Europe, and so we offer a simple conversion chart from inches to centimeters for reference.

On average, European men tend to be on the petite side when compared to their American brothers.  Because of this, if you are one of the millions of American men who have difficulty finding the best pant length for your frame without alterations, you may be pleasantly surprised in Europe where more size choices are readily available. Be sure to bring plenty of money!  You may find yourself in 'right size' heaven.

Men's Pants (waist)

Inches Centimeters
28 71
30 76
32 81
34 86
36 91
38 97
40 102

Men's Shoes

Everyone enjoys bringing home souvenirs from a trip abroad, but do you really need another Eiffel Tower keychain?  This time, why not purchase something useful that you can enjoy every day?  If you are a women looking for a 'certain something special' for your man, buy him a pair of shoes in France.  He will thank you for years to come.  Shoes made in France (not imported) are generally of extremely high quality.  It is common to wear the same pair of dress shoes for many years because the leather uppers and soles last forever. The chart below is a general guide.  Once again, as always, it is best if you can actually try any shoe on before purchase.

Men's Shoes
USA UK France
6 5½ 41
7 6½ 42
8 7½ 43
9 8½ 44
10 9½ 45
11 10½ 46
12 11½ 47

France shopping: Men's ClothingParis shopping: Men's Clothing

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Men's T-shirts
USA UK France
Small 34 87
Medium 36 91
Large 40 102
X-Large 42 107
XX-Large 46 117

Men's Underwear
USA UK France
34 5 5
36 6 6
38 7 7
40 8 8
42 9 9
44 10 10
46 11 11



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for the same reason they speak different languages...