Car rental Fortwo in Paris, that's Smart!

The practical, hi-tech and fun, Smart cars of unending charm often seen on the streets of Paris, are part of Mercedes Car Group; Daimler Chrysler. They come in five models. The "Fortwo" model is available in the following two body styles. (Many other colors are available, though you rarely get to pick a color when renting a car):

Fortwo Fortwo Cabrio
French car rental: Smart Fortwo French car rental: Smart Fortwo Cabrio

French car rental: Fortwo parked front against sidewalk This unique car has the particularity that in most cases, you can park it with the front or back against the sidewalk. In crowded cities, this proves invaluable when seeking a parking space. In Paris and other major cities in France, you will see these tiny cars squeezed-in where no other car can park. No real secret here; the Smart "Fortwo" is just 2.5 meters long (7.5 feet). By comparison, a Honda Accord is more then twice its size in length at about 16 feet. Even the small Mini is about 50% longer at 3.65 meters. The "Fortwo" seats two adults. Most travelers will not be able to fit their luggage in this car, but you can fit your groceries and other reasonably sized items; that's about it.

Driving in a large city of a foreign country can sometimes be a tad stressful, especially in Paris. The size of the "Fortwo" should make it easier, and perhaps even fun!

The Fortwo consumes a lot less gasoline than regular rental cars. You will save money and pollute less. Nothing wrong with that!

French car rental: Fortwo parked back against sidewalk

In larger cities like Paris, you can find car rental companies that offer rentals by the hour. The prices will usually range from 5€ to 20€ per day.

Following is a list of companies offering SMART car rentals (we do not endorse these companies). Please make sure the car rental company you select can guarantee the car model at your pick-up location.


Car Planet (Paris, web site in French only)
Interrent (Paris, web site in French only)

If you have used a rental company in France offering Smarts, please share your experience/tips with us, good or bad. Your experience will be valuable to all.

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Roadster coupe Roadster Forfour
French car rental: Smart Roadster Coupe French car rental: Smart Roadster French car rental: Smart ForFour


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